The Creed Of Life - English





Walk in peace amidst the bustle and hurry-scurry of life; remembering that blissful peace is found in calmness and tranquility. Without compromising and to the best of your ability, be on the best of terms with everyone. Speak the truth calmly and understandingly. Listen to others even those that are boring and not educated, for they too have something to say. Avoid noisy and argumentative people for they perplex and irritate the soul. If you compare yourself to others you will either become pompous or meet with disappointment; there will always be people with an intellect that is either greater or less than yours. Rejoice in your achievements and in those things that you plan to do. Be interested in your work, no matter how simple it might be; this is truly a treasure in these changing times. Be careful in dealing with worldly matters for they are filled with deceit, but do not let this perplex you for the world is also filled with honesty. Many people strive for high ideals because life is filled with optimism. Always be yourself. Do not be pretentious in showing love or put a value on its worth; but contrary to these perplexing and deadwood like ways, love is as eternal as the world. Accept the aging process of life; giving back gracefully to youthfulness, all that belongs to it. Train the strength of your own spirit to protect you during unexpected misfortune. Do not tire yourself with fantasies and visions of fortune. Be a realist. Many fears are born from solitude, which in turn generates tiredness. Keep to a healthy self-discipline in everything, and be good and gentle to yourself. Do not burden yourself with self-criticism, because you 're a child of the world, and of no less value than the trees or the stars. You have the right to be here - while understanding this or not, the world opens up to you without remorse; therefore be at peace with God in whatever way you may envision Him, putting no regard towards how troublesome your yearnings might be in this bustled and disorderly life. Keep peace with your soul. Remember, even when your fate is unexpectedly touched by fallacy during hard labor or while having your aspirations broken - this is still a wonderful world! And you, who are unwaveringly striving to be successful - Will be!

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